LONBALI was born from the perseverance and tenacity of three siblings who were born in Barcelona but who for years have been going around the world capturing its essence e trying to apply it to their creations. María, Sole and Marc who, despite their artistic heritage as children of Purificación García, use their maximum inspiration to capture their daily lives in a new, natural and different way.

London, Barcelona and Bali. Three locations that stand out for being special in something and together, they make up the explosive cocktail that LONBALI transmits and that the three siblings also exude. Maria is the efficiency, the tranquility. Sole, the boiling, the Molotov cocktail. Marc, the youngest of the three, the point of balance.


We produce and manufacture all our references by artisan hands, using high quality materials in order to obtain the best results. Designs from scratch handcrafted with the greatest possible delicacy and care.


    In 2021 we set out to increase our commitment to the environment and launched our collection "The Recyled Collection". With the slogan "Wear your values", we will increasingly expand our product portfolio with sustainable and responsibly produced items. Will you join the change?


    Create a complement made by and for you! Our great differentiation is customization. By being able to add your initials or stickers, you turn it into something unique and totally exclusive. This way you will be part of the creative process designing your own bag!